Celebrating Our Mothers

We are excited to be entering our fourth year of summer camps at Hanging Heart Ranch, and we can't wait for another fantastic three months of camp fun! Our camp activities include horseback riding, learning about horse safety, creating arts and crafts and decorating horses!  Camps are either 3 or 5 days long, for children between 5 and 18 years old.

It is not very often that we share our more personal side at Hanging Heart Ranch; however, to celebrate Mother's Day this weekend, we wanted to give back in a special way that’s personal to us. This year we are excited to donate a camp experience, free of charge, to children who have been impacted by cancer in their families. This complimentary 3-Day camp will be held on June 14th-16th from 3:30 pm to 6:30 pm, for 10 to 15 children.  We are incredibly excited to team up with the Cancer Support Community Central Coast to help us make this camp a reality!

The idea to donate a camp experience to children impacted by cancer in their family came about when we learned that a mother close to us was diagnosed with a rare form cancer. We were in complete shock at her diagnosis, and we knew how difficult this would be for her family and two young children.

Our Biggest Role Models:

Both of our mothers were diagnosed with cancer in the Summer of 2015.  Justine's mom was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer, and was treated with chemo and radiation. Michelle's mom was diagnosed with Stage IV ovarian cancer. She underwent multiple rounds of chemo following her surgery, and is currently feeling great and on a maintenance chemo plan, with the hope of keeping the cancer at bay. 

Both of our moms have been our biggest supporters in our endeavors with starting and running Hanging Heart Ranch-from helping us start our business when we were both 23 years old, to helping us deal with difficult and stressful times and even celebrating our successes, both of our mothers have always been there for us! And their support for us doing what we love didn't just start with Hanging Heart Ranch-they took us to our first horseback riding lessons, horse shows, rodeos, and a multitude of horse events! Both of our moms have never stopped supporting our love of horses, and they taught us to never give up on our dreams and to continue to do what we love every day.

Cancer Support Center Central Coast:


We were able to attend an event at the Cancer Support Center Central Coast a few weeks ago in Templeton and really learn more about this great organization. Their motto, "So that no one faces cancer alone" all comes together in their support groups and activities offered at the center. They offer several types of programs-a beautification boutique, support groups, education workshops, healthy lifestyle activities (meditation, tai chi, reiki and restorative yoga), social events and partnered resources. Since cancer care also includes social and emotional support, this incredible community offers these services free of charge to the whole family, at any stage of treatment or recovery. Please click HERE to visit their website and learn more about this incredible organization.

Complimentary Horse Camp & T-Shirt Fundraiser:

Our camps are for any level of rider and include fun-filled days of learning all about horses. Visit our website www.hangingheartranch.com for additional information, pictures and upcoming events! To sign up, please email us at hangingheartranch@yahoo.com or call 805-350-1971.

We are also excited to be having a t-shirt fundraiser from now until June 16th.  T-Shirts are $20 each and ALL proceeds will be donated to the American Cancer Society.  T-Shirts come in youth and adult sizes and can be found at: https://booster.com/hangingheartranch

We thank everyone for their support and truly believe that “no one should face cancer alone.”

~Justine Gentilini & Michelle McKenzie