Looking Forward - The Hanging Heart Ranch Blog

Welcome to the Hanging Heart Ranch Blog! We are excited to share with you some of the behind the scenes happenings that go on at the ranch. From training techniques to rehabilitating horses from injury, we want to give you an inside look at what it takes to run our ranch. We are also excited to be sharing with our readers some of our favorite products that we use as well! Be sure to keep an eye out for our new posts every month! 

As 2015 comes to a close, we find it fitting for our first post to be a look back at what a great year we have had at Hanging Heart Ranch! There were new additions, Duke & Cooper, who have transitioned very well into our herd.  We also had our largest camp turnout this summer, having first time riders join us from all over San Luis Obispo County!  We started a Show Team, traveling to several youth rodeos throughout the year, even taking the horses & kids camping with us.  This was a great opportunity to work towards goals with some of our more advance students, and we are so proud of how much each rider improved by the end of the season. 

With all of the wonderful things that did happen this year, we unfortunately lost one of our beloved lesson horses, TC.  We were all heartbroken by the loss of this sweet horse, but it was truly inspiring to see our horse community support us through this difficult time.  Since most of our horses are used for beginner and younger riders, they are usually older-aged; with this sometimes comes more difficult problems such as illness or injury that you would not find as often in a younger horse.  However, the tradeoff for a good lesson horse is worth it – these horses are worth their weight in gold!  You trust that they will take care of young riders whose feet don’t even reach past the saddle pad, as well as adults wanting to take up riding again.  This past year we have learned so much about caring for some of our older horses-we will do anything it takes to give our lesson horses the fantastic life they deserve!

Looking ahead to 2016, we are excited for another successful year with some big plans! We are currently working on the Hanging Heart Ranch Horsemanship Program.  Throughout our riding careers we have been influenced by several great horse trainers from all over the country, gaining experience in barrel racing, jumping, reining, and cattle work. We want to combine our knowledge into a program that will cover everything from groundwork to more advanced techniques, as some of our students look to purchase their own horses.  We both believe in waiting until the right time before a student purchases a horse of their own, and we feel that this program will help prepare our students as they continue on their path to becoming better horsemen and horsewomen.

Another project we are excited for is our half-draft training horse, Cooper!  Back in 2015 we acquired a training horse of our own and created a program with the plan to have Cooper find his forever home in 2016.  With this blog we would like to share some of our training methods, as well as the new and exciting experiences that we expose Cooper to; so far he as been to the beach, team sorting, ridden on trail rides & through horses, and has really excelled at jumping!  We are planning to start him on some cross country, and with the help of top English trainers we hope to really perfect this guy’s jumping skills!

We are very excited to share some of our daily adventures with our readers and we look forward to writing about a wide variety of horse topics! Please reach out to us at hangingheartranch@yahoo.com if you would like a certain topic covered or if you have any questions about some of our training techniques.  We are excited to make 2016 the best year yet for Hanging Heart Ranch!!

-Justine & Michelle