"Charley" is Michelle's 1998 Quarter Horse. Michelle bought Charley when she was 15 years old and trained him to run barrels and poles to compete in High School Rodeo. Charley loves food, naps, mares and lots of love. His best friend, and "brother" in the Hanging Heart herd, is Kippy; they have known each other since the day Michelle took Charley home.

Now Charley enjoys ranch sorting, the occasional barrel race, and teaching both children and adults how to ride.  Charley also loves being a part of lunging demonstrations and teaching students about horse body language.  He has even recently taken up jumping! Come out to the ranch to meet this handsome horse and be sure to bring his favorite snack - orange peels!


"Cooper" is a Percheron/Thoroughbred cross and we are excited to be training him for his future forever home! That means exposing him to everything - from jumping & beach rides to team sorting & trail rides.  He has definitely excelled at jumping and eventing! We are fortunate that we have been able to use the facilities at Vulcan Mesa Ranch and Twin Rivers Cross Country Course to get Cooper in tip-top shape!   

**Cooper is currently in training to be sold with Andrea Baxter at Estrella Equestrian! He even won the Intro Eventing at Twin Rivers One Day Halloween Show! Please contact us for more information!**


"Duke" is our beautiful paint horse! He comes from the same ranch where Yellow and Drifter are from, and he could not be happier to see some of his old friends.  Duke's unique markings make him the perfect canvas for our summer arts and crafts projects.  With some new shoes and a modified diet, this guy is making awesome progress in our lesson program!  Duke has even become a pro at team sorting.  Plus, his smooth gait makes him a joy to ride!

Duke spent two months at therapy at Eclipse Equine Sports Therapy Center.  Be sure to click HERE to read our blog post about the amazing services offered at Eclipse and how they can benefit horses!


"Fetch" is Hannah and Michelle's 2003 Quarter Horse.  Being one of two mares in the herd, Fetch often gets spoiled with love.  Fetch was trained and competed in cutting, but now enjoys being a part of the Hanging Heart Ranch lesson program as her second career. This awesome mare helps to teach first time, young riders who have never been on a horse,  to our more experienced riders practicing advanced techniques, such as sliding stops and spins.  Fetch also enjoys taking students out for their first trail ride; whether it be on the riverbed or beach, this mare loves to get out!  

You can often find this mare sunbathing and flirting with the rest of our geldings; meeting this diva is a must! Michelle has also taught Fetch to run barrels, poles and other fun gymkhana events. Our Show Team students love bringing her to the King City Riding Club shows as well as other fun rodeo events. Be sure to contact us if you are interested in finding out more about how to be a part of our Show Team and participate in some fun rodeo events! 


"Jim Jim" is our happily retired lesson horse! In Jim Jim's younger years he competed in cutting and reining. Now he enjoys his days napping in the sun, being groomed, and munching away on acres and acres of green grass.  This happy guy is currently residing on one of our student's 100+ acre ranch in Creston!  Jim Jim has definitely spent many years wearing the tiniest of saddles to fit some of our youngest riders, and teaching first time students to fall in love with horses.  Be sure to visit our FACEBOOK page to stay up-to-date with Jim Jim's retirement life.


"Kippy" is a 2000 Quarter Horse owned by ranch volunteer and long-time friend of the Hanging Heart instructors, Hannah. Kippy's official color is sorrel, with a flaxen mane and tail. He loves barrel racing, pole bending, riding on the beach, and dressing up for any occasion.

Kippy is Hanging Heart Ranch's local trick horse - he gives kisses and hugs, and even bows.  He currently loves being enrolled in our lesson program, teaching kids about poles and barrels.  Since moving up North, Kippy enjoys working cattle at the local ranch sorting events.  Also, you will never find Kippy dirty - he loves staying very clean! Come meet this guy, he might even give you a kiss!


"Misty" is our newest addition to the Hanging Heart Ranch herd.  Owned by Michelle's sister Jaslynn & brother-in-law Cale, we are super thankful to be able to use this awesome mare.  Misty jumped right into the lesson program on her first day at the ranch! She loves to be groomed and fed treats! Plus, like Duke, she is the perfect color for our Summer Camp horse decorating! We are so excited to get to know this mare and expose her to all of the fun adventures at the ranch! 


"Tucker" is Justine's 2008 palomino Quarter Horse. Although he hopes to one day be a lesson horse like Charley and Kippy, he is Hanging Heart Ranch's unofficial mascot!! Tucker is also from New York and loves to play with cattle and go on trail rides, especially on the beach! Since this guy is very athletic, Tucker has even taken up jumping!! Come meet this overgrown labrador/horse and watch him show off his moves!


"Yellow" is one of Hanging Heart Ranch's most personable horses. With an intriguing sense of humor, Yellow will be sure to win you over as he answers "Yes" or "No" to all of your questions. Michelle originally met Yellow when he was a well known local barrel and pole horse.

After his competitive career he became a kids trail horse at a guest ranch where Michelle and Justine worked; they just couldn't leave him behind! Yellow enjoys long rides through the vineyard, being brushed, and lots of carrots! Be sure to have a list of questions ready when you come meet this silly guy!